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Who we are & what we do!

Thames Valley Chorus is one of Europe's top male-voice a cappella singing groups. The members of the chorus come from all walks of life just to create the distinctive sound of men singing in close harmony.Please visit our Singing Events page for details of where we plan to be performing.

TVCRehearsals take place weekly at Bulmershe School, Woodley, Berkshire and anyone who can hold a tune can join us and learn to sing songs from a large and varied repertoire including ballads and up tempo numbers.

In addition we have a number of excellent quartets within our ranks who sing the traditional barbershop songs some of which you might expect to hear, but also some not so traditional very special songs.

So, whether you are looking for a large chorus to entertain at a major event, a smaller group for a less formal occasion, or a top-quality quartet for a more intimate Show, please contact us and we'll look forward to singing to you.